Preparing Students for the New World!

+2 level is the most important phase in a student's career. If you are a student with big aspirations in your career, consider MEC PU College. We are committed to true learning and can provide you with all the best support possible, to ensure that you are successful in your academic career.

As a pioneering institution in Yelahanka, MEC PU College is built on a 4 acre campus, the learning infrastructure sustains the Guru Kula tradition - instilling a sound value system and a distinct Indian culture.

We offer all options in Science and Commerce streams for the benefit of students. Welcome aboard MEC PU College. Discover more about us and why you need our care at the crucial +2 stage.

About Us

The MEC PU College was established in 1992 and is part of MEC Institutions. We have evolved today from our initial days as Model Education Centre, set up in 1972. Our 4-decade lineage in education field has been inspiring and pioneered quality education in the Yelahanka region in Bangalore.

Focused on Values

What makes the MEC Institutions different is the unwavering focus on timeless Indian values. We take inspiration from the glorious past of our country and believe that it is our duty to awaken the spirit of the nation and supreme sacrifice. As Swamy Vivekananda said, "Every individual has limitless potential." It is our mission to enable each of our students to discover their true potential and make the best of it. Today, the MEC Institutions address the learning needs of students right from the age of 2 years. It is a matter of pride to take responsibility for the future of each and every student at MEC.

Objectives Faculty

We are proud of our highly qualified and experienced full time lecturers, who are totally dedicated to the cause of education. The MEC Group believes in continuous training for the teachers, so that they are able to impart quality education to the students. Our faculty team is abreast of the latest methods and content.


Students have the facility to apply for various scholarships granted by the State and Central Government.Apart from these, Financial assistance are provided to the needy and merit students.

Endowment Prizes

Endowment prizes are awarded to students for academic excellence annually that are meant to appraise and acknowledge the achievements of such star students.

Making the Best of IT

Technology tools can extend learning in powerful ways when effectively integrated into curriculum. The college has a full-fledged, highly equipped hi-tech computer lab with all the latest systems and technologies. We give on-line training to the students for effective usage of resources available for better understanding and better performance. We also have well-qualified faculty to provide complete computer education efficiently.

Parent Engagement

We believe we are partners in the student's progress. Hence, we involve the parents and interact on a regular basis to keep them posted of the child's performance and improvement areas. Parents can logon to our website to know the performance, attendance, calendar of events and progress of their wards.


Smart Class

A well ventilated, spacious, technology-integrated Smart Class improves teacher effectiveness and productivity in class. It brings abstract and difficult concepts to life inside classrooms and makes learning an enjoyable experience for students. It improves academic performance and also enables teachers to instantly assess and evaluate the learning imparted to the students in the class.


The library provides a vast stretch of reading space, imaginatively organized to encourage students to enjoy the magical world of books and knowledge. The library has the latest editions of coveted books, and subscribes to several leading publications to enable the students and teaching staff to be well informed on the latest topics.


The college has well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics laboratories. We believe in learning by doing. Hence, we encourage our students to understand and grasp things better by seeing them happen. The laboratories are supervised by trained staff, who ensure that the equipment is in good condition for use by students.

Audio-Visual Room

Our audio-visual room regularly screens short films and documentaries from around the world. These include rare footage from history as well as from the world of science.

Technology Integration

The institution is well knit through the use of technology. While the fully networked computer lab ensures that students across classes are equipped with adequate computer skills, a dedicated institution management solution provides effective support and creates the information backbone for taking the right decisions. We are thus able to share with parents the academic progress and other innovative reports, on a regular basis.

Wide Playground

MEC is one of the very few institutions to have playgrounds and a healthy lung space. We believe that students must have the luxury of open spaces in their learning environment. Consequently, every student on our campus has a motivated mindset of achieving beyond boundaries. When students wish to indulge in a game of football well beyond the regular working hours, it is a habit we encourage. We are keen that our students make the best use of our vast playgrounds and sports infrastructure.

CompX Methodology

The core mission of MEC Institutions is to build the complete person. Our responsibility to the society is to nurture human resources, who are balanced personalities.

An individual can be different persons in different situations. One can be an emotional person, an intellectually inclined person, a playful person, ... in different contexts. The ultimate purpose of real education is to become a balanced person, by becoming aware of the various pulls and distractions in situations. True learning empowers the individual in awakening the intelligence in him, thus making him/her a balanced individual. This is the essence of the proprietary CompX Learning Methodology at MEC Institutions.

The activities and initiatives in the MEC Institutions are designed to sustain the spirit of CompX. Be it cultural activities or academic pursuits or extracurricular activities, the CompX approach makes the learning experience holistic and meaningful.


Regular tests and examinations will be held during the course from time to time. Assignments, project work and practicals form a regular part of the course. Our college boasts of excellent result at the Board Examinations. Every year, our students secure high percentage and many of our students gain admission into prestigious professional colleges / universities.

Individual Attention

Our care for the students is reflected in the individual attention we are able to provide each of our students. Through effective use of our organizational resources, we are able to provide mentoring to all our students, to provide timely guidance and suggestions for their academic performance improvement and clarity regarding career matters.


The management has placed the training of character and discipline as the most important aim of the college. Its main purpose is to impart to younger generation a sound and quality education on modern lines and at the same time blending it with the highest spiritual and cultural traditions of India, so that the young boys and girls trained in this college may became worthy citizens of the country with a spirit of devotion and self-sacrifice.

Soft Skills

Beyond training students in their academic areas, we also empower them with technological skill so as to enable them to optimize in management of time, energy, potentiality and team spirit. This is our way of enabling them to be ready for the New World!

Science Program

Integrated PU + CET

MEC PU College offers Integrated PU + CET program. By taking this integrated program, students do not need to attend outside tuition. The combinations offered in Science stream include:

Commerce Program

Pursuing a tradition of excellence

MEC PU College prepares young, talented students to occupy positions of importance in tomorrow's world of business and finance. Our faculty deploys a range of innovative ways to provide quality learning inputs that drive home real-life business perspectives. The combinations offered in the Commerce stream include:

Enrichment Initiative for Science

  • Alliance with I-Icon Academy: MEC Composite PU College has an alliance with I-Icon Academy to provide additional training to students for CET and NEET. This will also help them to perform better in board exams. Our students will benefit from I-Icon’s expertise and experience of over 10 years in this field.
  • Career guidance: To understand and explore different career options and to make the right choices based on one’s aptitude.
  • Counseling: The faculty will provide valuable advice to motivate and enhance a student’s performance.
  • Academic support: Excellence is never an accident. We offer continual analytical support to identify areas of improvement for better performance.

Enrichment Initiative for Commerce

MEC PU College has enrichment programs that offer:

Sports & Clubs

Physical Education and Sports are greatly encouraged. The college has qualified physical education instructors and own sports ground and facilities, where we even host district and state level events. Our students too participate in various state-level and inter-college events, in which they have won several prizes. NSS activities are part of physical education. We proud that our students have excelled at National Level Sports and have represented our college abroad also.

Indoor Play Facilities

We have indoor sports facilities for:

Students have been consistent achievers in sports. They regularly take part and emerge winners in different sports events, conducted by various associations and departments at the Karnataka state and national levels.

Clubs @ MEC

Encouraging Innovation through Fairs

All clubs conduct annual exhibitions. Innovative ideas are encouraged. Help is provided to work on exciting ideas in science and maths to take them to the next level.

Educational Tours

All class students travel to different destinations to:

Extracurricular Activities

MEC Institutions believe in building strong cultural ethos. Talents are encouraged and strong national fervour is consistently built.

To unfold the hidden talents among the students, we conduct various competitions in the fields of Art, Music, Debate, and Quiz. We are proud that our students secured Gold and Silver medals and many other prizes in different inter-college competitions in Bangalore.

Celebration of Festivals

All festivals are celebrated in the school to bring out the awareness of India’s rich cultural heritage and tradition, and inculcate values and oneness.

Samsmrti - The MEC Magazine

Samsmrti is the institution magazine that acts as a medium of expression for those who are literally inclined. It is an earnest attempt to unearth the hidden talent of the students and staff of MEC. Their intellectual contribution is in the form of essays, poetry, drawings and other ideas and expressions. This magazine offers opportunities for the students to exhibit their hidden potential, creativity and curiosity in various literary forms.


MEC PU College welcomes outstanding professionals, both teaching and non-teaching, to be part of the school. The strength of a team comprises of the quality of its team members.

We believe in nurturing talent and are keen to bring in the best of breed professionals across all areas of our academic foray.

If you have the passion to teach, we will go out of the way to create room for your growth. Apart from an inspiring work environment, you will discover a good peer group and a tradition of value-based governance in our institutions.

Qualified teachers and non-teaching staff can contact Administrator, MEC Institutions. Freshers too are welcome.


Interested students and parents are invited to talk or write to our advisors. As the pioneer among private unaided colleges in Yelahanka, we can make a difference to every student on our campus. Our commitment is to build students who will become successful professionals in tomorrow's world.

For admissions-related information, please contact our Principal or Admissions Office at:

MEC Composite PU College,

C.A. Site No. 12, New Town Yelahanka,
Bangalore - 560 106
Tel: 88804 41441